Rodrique Limousin

Welcome to Rodrique Limousin, were quality exceeds the highest standards.


“Middle of the road” average sized animals are selected that adapt well to the environment.  Great emphasis is placed on fertile animals with good beefing qualities.

Cows regularly produce up to 14 calves. High meat yields of 65% are being achieved. A feedlot potential with excellent feed conversion and average daily gains in excess of 2kgs per day.

Rodrique limousin is wide with new Bloodlines tested from Franse as well as Canada. Outstanding 100% pure Polled Genetics are being bred! Rodrique limousin cattle are easy to work with.


Rodrique Limousin strives to breed well-adapted, medium framed, functionally efficient Limousins, right type with good conformation, muscling and hair coat.

Rodrique limousin endeavors to breed with ‘passion’ the perfect Carcase breed animal with the best meat yield (slaughter percentage and meat bone ratio) and tender beef. Using the highest standards of quality control with the best management techniques

Rodrique Limousins main Breeding season is from september to dezember. Therefore creating a calf season from June to september. which in turn leads to a weaning season of januarie to April.

Cows are feminine and fertile with excellent milk and udder, which calve easily. Bulls are masculine, with broad muscling over the withers and length of back as well as depth of Body. Hindquarters are wide, long, full and fleshy.

In addition, we get close to the commercial breeder, educate him and provide a good after sales service. Only the very top 5% of the bulls are marketed towards the stud breeder. Rodrique Limousin is known for the animals to adapt exceptionally well in any circumstances.

• Fertility  makes out a large importance at Rodrique Limousin .We measure it by: age first calf; inter-calving period; scrotum size and days to calving.