Rodrique Limousin

Welcome to Rodrique Limousin, where quality exceeds the highest standards.

Photo of one of Rodrique limousins top cows that was used to introduce Polled genetics in the Herd. Her name is Vergesigte Jeansonette 03007





Rodrique 0715
She was sired by Rodique E prince 10. Shows good milk and has produced excellent progeny.










Rodrique 0717
This magnificent cow was sired by Rodrique E prince 10 and on her dam being a sister of Navir054.
She produced excellent progeny and contributed to the improvement of the Rodrique liomusin stud










Rodrique Elsa 12. ID:1012
She was sired by the stud sire DK05110. She won her class 21-23month at the royal show in pmb!











Renlo P Eileen ID: HV0148
a strong beefy cow with smooth hair coat that produced stud sires at Rodrique limousin.