Rodrique Limousin

Welcome to Rodrique Limousin, were quality exceeds the highest standards.


In the world of beef genetics, Limousin is a brand, a brand built on a promise of a high quality animal with registered breed genetics and superior carcass quality.
Rodrique Limousin is continually working towards promoting greater awareness of the Limousin brand to consumers and commercial cattlemen alike. Successful promotion of the Limousin brand depends on a strong partnership between Rodrique Limousin stud and its buyers. 

In crossbreeding with diary breeds, there is no other beef  breed that can come close to the carcass qualities that Limousin produce in this combination.

Limousin cattle are recognized for combining fertility, calving ease and low maintenance requirements with the ability to produce offspring with excellent growth, efficient gains and superior carcasses.

The breed is renowned for its easy calving, hybrid vigour in producing growths, well muscled, well adapted calves that thrive on low palatable sour veld grasses and the cold winters. The brand have excellent feed conversions and average daily gains and “naturally” grow meat

They have the most efficient profitable carcasses with high slaughter percentages, meat yields and meat bone ratios, with little excess fat wastage

The meat is tender, tasty and healthy. (No hormones need be fed as it naturally grows beef muscle)