Rodrique Limousin

Welcome to Rodrique Limousin, where quality exceeds the highest standards.

Reasons to choose the Rodrique Limousin Bulls and Cows

  1. Produce a high-end meat weaner as well as feedlot slaughter age.
  2. Produce carcasses unrivaled (low% of bone and waste)
  3. Work with an easy calving beef cow
  4. Use the mold to the most productive muscle (high fertility)
  5. Maintain flexibility and security through adaptable and resistant animals.
  6. Be guaranteed of a steady progress through a program of the most comprehensive selection of sires used.
  7. Have modern tools and objective benchmarks to purchase quality breeding (catalogs, …)
  8. Able to select from polled Genetics!
  9. Upgrade you commercial and stud animals to higher standards

 At Rodrique Limousin bull are available throughout the year. For more information contact Rodrique Limousin at 082 577 7208