Rodrique Limousin

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About Rodrique Limousin

We live in North Natal near the small town, Paulpieterburg. My father and I, have been farming together since 2002. Our business consists of a Pig farm of about 240 sows, an arable farming unit, forestry and the Limousin stud. I started breeding with the Limousins ​​in 2003. Our Limousin herd currently consists of 77 selected stud female animals. We also breed very strong polled Limousins ​​and aim to have 50% of the herd to be fully polled. The stud name, Rodrique Limousin, was chosen because the breed originated in France. After deciding to set up a Limousin stud, I looked up what French names would best represent my own name. Hence the name Rodrique Limousin.

I did my practical year for the Potchefstroom agricultural college here on our farm in 2002. During my studies we worked through all the breeds in college and the Limousin breed showed very good traits including adaptability. I have always had a good eye for animals and then also won the judges course in college which I was very proud of. The Limousin breed won my attention and I did more research on the Limousin. My father had a small commercial herd consisting of Drakensberger cows and some dairy cattle. I then went to buy a Limousin bull from Mr Willem Pistorius near Standerton. This Bull has performed so well compared to our previous bulls, that my Dad very easily agreed to start a Limousin stud together for the business.

In 2003 we started with Rodrique Limousins. We bought selected heifers from a few stud breeders and also went to select a stud bull from Mr John Devonport. Since then, we have placed strict selection focus on improving the herd and Breeding Animals that are functionally efficient and adaptable.

We aslo had a commercial herd for a long time where we used Limousin Bulls to cross with. With the cross we got excellent results. My brother has since taken over the commercial herd and still uses only Limousin bulls to breed his weaned calves.

Nowadays, all our pastures are used to breed pure limousin. Our Bulls are mainly used by commercial Farmers to get better weaning weight and growth in their calves. In crossbreeding with diary breeds, there is no other beef breed that can come close to the carcass qualities that Limousin produce in this combination

The Advantages that the Limousin offers is more than just the excellent hybrid power it can deliver. It is a breed that is very adaptable and does very well in acid veld and mountainous conditions and at the same time extremely suitable for a feedlot. The Limousins ​​are also very convenient to work with. It is a breed that still has a lot of potential to grow in numbers in South Africa. As it is still a younger breed in the country it is important to place strict focus on breeding quilities to keep the breed in the right direction.

The most profitable way to raise a cow in my opinion is to farm with an adapted animal. An animal that is adapted will require less cost and stay healthy. If you as a farmer have a passion for your cattle then the cattle will also be able to take care of you.

Our farm is in an acid field environment and has a very high concentration of Red water and bile disease which makes Rodrique limousins ​​very adaptable in any environment. The Red Water is very bad and had an impact on the Herd with deaths and diseases, but it was part of the breeding process to be able to keep the better adaptable animals and it made the Herd stronger and more adaptable.

I followed an AI program to improve the Herd, to be able to build a wider genetic pool and also to introduce the polled gene into the Herd. The Sires I used were after thorough investigation, first from France and then also from Canada.

The quality in South Africa has improved a lot and I believe these days the Standard locally is already better than overseas in many respects. We have not imported any more AI Sires seed for some time and only use our own breeding selection program from the existing genetic pool.

My advice to new breeders would be to make sure they attend some judge’s courses to better understand the herd and know how to select correctly. For any breeder to improve his breed requires a lot of time and dedication.

It is a great pleasure to be able to farm with the Limousin Breed ​​and see how the herd grows and improves.